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We live in a world where to the rich keep getting richer while the poor get poorer. But this is not because there isn’t enough money for everyone. In fact if you you go to the banks you will see that there is more money than the world can use. However we still have a lot of people suffering from financial crisis especially here in the USA. Blu Counterfeit Paper is here to put a stop to that. We produce high quality banknotes which individuals can use for their daily needs. Though this money is fake, it exist in real life and it is undetectable. Therefore you can use our money in Super Markets, Clubs, Casinos, Schools and even Hospitals. To top it off this money passes at the ATMs just like the superdollars.

It is true anyone can cut some paper to print fake money. But the question is if they can use this money freely. That is why you can not just purchase counterfeit money from anyone. We specialize in printing banknotes that carry all measure security features of real currency. For example the 7 security features of the US Dollars. They are Physical size & weight, 3D security ribbon, color shifting ink, portrait watermark, security thread, raised printing and micro printing. Other currencies like the Euro , Pounds, CADs and AUDs also have their own security features like Eurion constellation, Mattered surface, Ghost image, Puzzle number etc. The good news is we take good care of these features. Thus we are able to print fake notes that look and feel real. In fact the above mentioned currencies are those we print to perfection. Get your undetectable fake banknotes now.

How To Use This Money

In as much as you can get the best quality of counterfeit banknotes here, using this money with care is important. Below are a few points to consider when dealing with fake banknotes.

  • Avoid buying super expensive stuff where the cash needs to be counted carefully. The person counting might want to counterfeit detector machine that double-up as banknote counters.
  • Practice using a mixture of fake and real bills.
  • Avoid using this money in the same store regularly.
  • Avoid spending carelessly in public in the same area where everyone knows you to be broke as the habit might get suspicious.
counterfeit money production
Receiving counterfeit money

Benefits of Counterfeit Money

The people in power will present to you the effect of fake banknotes to the society. However they will hide the benefits in order to enrich themselves. But here is how our fake banknotes can help you.

  • Counterfeit banknotes brings equality to society. Thus everyone can enjoy the luxury of life.
  • With enough money, you can get basic needs like food, cloths and housing for you and your family.
  • Rap artist need cash to make their you tube videos more influential.

Blu delivers to the United Sate (all 50 states), Canada, Europe and Australia. You will not see the quality of bill Blu prints anywhere else.

The growth in the number of clients requesting our product is a sign that we are have high quality fake notes for sale. A lot of other people in different countries a flooding inn too. So, what are you waiting for?