How To Detect Counterfeit Money (Two Steps)

How To Detect Counterfeit Money

Business owners often get deceived with counterfeit money. So if I am correct then you are reading this because you want to learn how to detect counterfeit money. I will guide you through the use of instruments and even give you insights on money that looks and feels real. Counterfeit money is money produced illegally. Therefore, using such notes can lead you to a sentence in prison. In fact many people have be caught using counterfeit money unknowingly. Some get lucky to stay out of jail while others end up behind bars. You don’t want to be punished for a crime you did not have any idea about. That is why some businesses like stores, banks, schools etc uses counterfeit money detectors and pens. So, let us look how to detect fake dollars.

Using a Counterfeit Detector Pen

Counterfeit Detector PenAmong counterfeit producers, we have experts and amateurs. This is because the USD Bank notes have a lot of security features. Thus only the experts cover all these features in printing process. But for counterfeit money produced by “starters” the counterfeit detector pen will easily say if money is fake or not. It is able to identify fake money printed on regular paper instead of cotton and linen hybrid that American bills have today.

The pen contains a solution of iodine that reacts with starch molecules naturally present in wood based paper. This leaves a dark stain which tells us the money is fake. Report immediately when anyone tries to deceive you with such. But since iodine solution is non-reactive with cotton, linen fibres and even polymer plastic used in other countries like Australia and Canada, no stain is seen when used on real bills. For this reason the pen test also works on other currencies.

How To Use Counterfeit Detector Machine

When advance counterfeiters come in the use the exact cotton or polymer that the government uses in printing real money. This makes the Pen detector useless. However this counterfeit money can still be detected using machines.

Firstly we have the UV bank note checker. This is the type that uses UV lamps to shed ultraviolet rays of light into the banknotes to reveal embedded security features in banknotes such as metal thread, UV marks or watermarks. The UV marks in authentic bills glow when UV light reflects on them. Also the metal thread shines out brighter and watermarks become fully visible. In the case where one of these features fails, the note is fake.

Secondly we have the Automatic counterfeit detector machines. These are one of the best and most used detector machines. This is because they double-up as banknote counters. You can place large stacks of money in them and they will count and detect fake money automatically as their name says. At the end they will give you the total amount of money. Banks and big business places or ex-changers love these machines.

Other Ways To Detect Counterfeit Money

If you have machines you can also search for a few videos on you tube on how to use them. Buy, in a situation where there is no counterfeit detector pen or machine, you can still detect fake money.

Firstly, you can examine some security features just by holding the bill up to light rays to check for an embedded thread. You can also use natural light to check for watermark bearing image. The bill must bear the same image as that on the portrait. Furthermore, tilting the bill to examine color-shifting ink works. Secondly just by looking at a bill, you can tell good printing from poor printing. This is especially when amateurs produce counterfeit money. Also the outside border of real money is clear and not broken. If you have other bills of the same denomination then looking and comparing serial numbers can also help. Thirdly just by touching, you can feel real money from poor bills. Except when experts use same cotton as in original bills.

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