3 Best Places To Use Counterfeit Money

Places To Use Counterfeit Money

It is not secret that a lot of people use counterfeit money money for their everyday need. I know you will be thinking they have a vendor where they can buy counterfeit money that looks real. But to be honest with you, that is not all it takes. In fact there are “street kings” that use even poorly printed notes every day but never get into any trouble. So imagine putting these two together. That is knowing the best places to use counterfeit money and also knowing where to buy super high quality counterfeit banknotes. I bet you it can change your life for ever. So without wasting much of our time let’s look at the 4 best places to use counterfeit money in the USA.

Use counterfeit money

Best Way To Use Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit Money in Night Clubs

It is very easy to pay for drinks, prostitutes and even drugs in nigh clubs with fake money. This is because these places are usually very busy and crowded and have no time to check bills as they walk around and serve clients. This works best for people who just want to buy counterfeit money online to enjoy the luxury money can afford. However you might not like this way because you want to convert counterfeit money to real money and get a life. So, I will give you one tip to go about this in same night clubs. Look for any game you are very good at. It could be poker, coin toss or anything that most alcoholics like to bet on. Be the best at it then always go betting with fake money and winning real money. If you are really good at what you do then this method wins you both your fake money and the real money. Double chance!


Counterfeit Collectors

There are actually lots of people out there to exchange your fake money for real bills. They do more for less that is to say $5000 for $1000 for example in US Dollars. And there are a lot of website you can buy same $5000 for even $300 does if you exchange you make a profit of $200 per $5000. Now you are asking yourself why the counterfeit collectors don’t go straight online to buy these fake bills for themselves. I will tell you why. They prefer to take no risk ordering online as there is no guarantee they will receive the money. So they wait for others to other and get these bills and them they come physically for the exchange. However some of them are glad to have found reputable dealers and you will only see them on the streets if they lose their supplier or are in urgent need. They do use this money for many reasons on the dark web. In fact some still go as far as exchanging for a better cut. It is just a network. But this method is far the most safe for newbies.


If you happen to get close to a major mafia man at a casino, you can negotiate a deal that help you both get a lot of chips using counterfeit money. However this can only land you in trouble from individuals and not the law. That is to say you can’t be arrested but can be violently attached by Casino owners if you are caught.

Be that as it may be you can use counterfeit money in different ways. They key is to always avoid areas with Cameras because deals can easily be traced back to you when seen on the Camera. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know in the comments section what other ideas you have there.

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